17 September 2014


We had the chance to attend last Sunday to the final of the Saint-Tropez Polo Gold Cup tournament. It was just the perfect way to conclude an absolutely Fab weekend. Once seated in the lounge terrace, the first surprise is the wide size of the pitch ( 274 x 146 meters or 4 hectares or nearly 6 football soccer field ). The downside of such a huge field is that you may have sometimes difficulties to follow the white ball. The final match opposed the Sezz Team versus the F Polo Team. Each polo team consists of 4 players facing the opponent team during approximately 60 minutes. The full match is divided in time periods called chukkers ( a game normally allows 8 chukkers of 7 minutes each ). Since the games are exhausting for the horses, the players have to change ponies after each chukker. That's why you have numerous horses for a single player. Being a spectator is also exhausting in a way … so we had to sip some champagne and eat some savory appetizers. Definitely a Fab Day !!!

1999 route du Bourrian
83580 Gassin - France
Tel. + 33 4 94 55 22 12

16 September 2014


You may hear many things about Le Club 55 … it's show off … it costs an arm and a leg … you are ringed by many German customers … it's not a Michelin starred restaurant … These weak points are surely true, but they are quickly compensated by the quiet family atmosphere, the stylish clientele, the great legend about the restaurant, the myth of Saint Tropez, a few bottles of wine, the friendly service ( yes they have been very nice ) and the absolutely gorgeous sight. So forget about your hassles at the office and turn off your BlackBerry … from now on it's all about show time, friends, sunlight and pleasure !

Did you know that Le Club 55 was opened in 1955 by the parents of Véronique and Patrice de Colmont during the shooting of the movie " Et Dieu … créa la femme " directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot. At that time the film crew was looking for a place to eat and discovered a wooden hut on the beach. They asked Geneviève and Bertrand de Colmont if they could cook for the all crew during 3 weeks. Geneviève found that funny and immediately said yes. At the end of the shooting the technicians went back home but the actors and the directors came back. In the coming years the little hut grew up reaching sometimes 1,000 customers a day. Then you surely understand that you better book a table few days ahead !

43 Boulevard Patch
83350 Ramatuelle - France
Tel. + 33 4 94 55 55 55
2 persons ≈ 120 Euro

10 September 2014


What is the common point I preciously share with Johnny Weissmuller, Aileen Riggin and Micheline Bernardini ? No, I do not wear a leopard swimsuit neither a pink bikini... but you are really getting warm. In fact we all swam sometime in the legendary Molitor swimming pool. The 13,000 m2 sport complex was opened in 1929 and designed by architect Lucien Pollet ( he also designed the swimming pool rue de Pontoise ). With a 46 meters summer pool and a 33 meters winter indoor pool, it was for nearly sixty years one of the most popular swimming bath and society venue in Paris. The Art Deco ocean liner was moored in the 16th arrondissement, next to the Roland Garros stadium. Unfortunately the swimming pools was closed in 1989 and became a huge spot for graffiti, squatters and offbeat concerts.

After two years of renovations and 80 million Euro of investments the mythic venue is finally re-opening its doors ... of course the new owners ( Colony Capital, Accor Hotels and Bouygues ) did not limit themselves to restoring the Art Deco swimming pools. They add a luxury 5 star hotel ( 124 rooms and suites ), a bar, a gourmet restaurant, a private member club, a Spa ( by Clarins ), a roof terrace and some meeting rooms. In case your are just slipping your bikini on ... please note that access to the pools is restricted to room guests and club members ! So you have two alternatives to dip a foot in the water ... book a room ( starting rates around 270 Euro ) ... or join the exclusive member club ( 1,200 Euro entry fee + 3,300 Euro yearly fee ) ... Oops ! In case your grumpy banker is against such investment ... the Rue de Pontoise swimming pool is a good back up ( it is the same architect and you would get at least 687 entries for the same annual budget ). Of course nothing can compare.


2 avenue de la porte Molitor
75016 - Paris - France
Tel. +33 1 56 07 08 50

Photo © Molitor Hotel


This is absolutely the Fab discovery of the week. Just after landing from Munich I had an appointment with some old Parisian buddies in the trendy South Pigalle ( SO-PI ) district. Olivier was impatient to share with me his new Fab address. We had such a nice evening that I now have to share it with you. Artisan is a bar / restaurant opened in September 2013 by Frédéric le Bordays, Thomas Kolnikoff et John Selam ( you probably and previously met the team at La Maison Mère ). Entering the bar, the first impression is very positive. The deco based on wood and brown shades is definitely warm and welcoming. The team is helpful and efficient. Before sipping any cocktail you already feel comfortable ... in one word I would say that the bar has a "Soul" ... in two words I would say some "Good Vibes".

Like in any good bar, the best is of course to grab a stool next to the counter. It's now time to look at the menu ( FYI, the menu is changed every 3 weeks ... depending on the seasons, the mood of the chef and the inspiration of the bartenders ). Artisan serves unusual and terrific cocktails, a good and limited selection of wines, a Rotten Skull American IPA strongly bitter beer brewed in France ( Vallée de Chevreuse ) ... and some absolutely delicious small plates. The complete menu looks really attractive so we decided to taste a bit of everything. 

The shaken cocktails with a Be Sage ( 12 Euro ) made of Bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, Salvia mint and Amaro liqueur. The stirred cocktails with a Are U Nuts ( 13 Euro ) made of Nuts infused Cognac, white Vermouth and bittersweet chocolate. A bottle of red wine ( 32 Euro ) Côtes du Rhône Clos de l'Hermitage. Without forgetting a few small "tapas" dishes in order to wipe up the beverages ... Jamón ibérico ( 12 Euro ), Foie Gras ( 13 Euro ), Vegetables Tempura ( 8 Euro ) and a fruity Appenzeller cheese ( 8 Euro ). Everything last night went yummy and tasty ... we found here the perfect ingredients for a Fab evening. I am sure Frédéric also added some secret elements hidden from the menu : Practice & Passion. Last evening we obviously discussed about cocktails ... do you prefer shaken cocktails ( shaker ) or stirred cocktails ( mixed with a spoon ) ? Whatever your answer, we found a clear consensus about one subject : we will come back to Artisan very soon ! 

14, rue Bochart de Saron
75009 Paris - France
Tel. + 33 1 48 74 65 38
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 7 pm to 2 am
Closed Sunday and Monday
No reservation
Metro : Anvers

PS : Artisan means Craftsman in English.