19 January 2015


Part of my New Year's resolutions, I decided that 2015 would need a historic change in my personality and appearance. It's now time to behave with more maturity, style and wisdom ... better late than never. To mark the occasion, I scheduled a rendez-vous last Friday at La Barbière de Paris in order to reshape my wild grizzled beard. As you can see in the media, barbershops are absolutely trendy, beard is becoming a new fashion statement and it was really time for my messy hair to get back in line. Yes indeed, I assume that there might be a simple metaphor between my facial hairs and my life ... So as to revolutionise my profile I entered the second barbershop opened in Sept. 2014 by Sarah Hamizi next to Pont Neuf and Châtelet. After getting a warm welcome from a super hairy "stewardess", I am taken over with no delay by Damien and take place next to an octagonal table. I absolutely love the Takara Belmont retro barber chairs situated under a large and bright glass roof. The deco is a perfect mix between these timeless chairs and the modern room.

The serious things are about to start ... Just like a consultant, Damien recommended me a beard shape according to my desires, personality and morphology. Then I have to choose between scary given options ... electric trimmers, scissors, straight razors, tweezers and epilating wax. The tough guy and masochist can select the full package. Between you and me, the hot pink wax and tweezer program is unpleasant but bearable ( Yes I made it ... I told you it would be a revolutionary experience ). After which the trimmer is a child's play ! The main advantage of waxing is longevity ... it removes hair at the root for an average of two to three weeks ... it's worth it. 45 minutes and 35 € later a new and invigorating man went out of this Fab barbershop. Meanwhile your next appointment, do not hesitate to buy some products ( brush, comb and oil ) in order to maintain your beard in a good shape. By the way, those who want to have a VIP treatment can reserve Le Cercle By Sarah ... it's more expensive but you will have the privilege to be pampered by Sarah ... the master barber. 

7 rue Bertin Poirée
75001 - Paris - France
Tel. + 33 1 40 26 01 01
By appointment

08 October 2014


As you may know, one of my favourite base camp in Paris is the Hotel Arvor ( yes, I give the Fab address to all my friends visiting Paris ) … it seems that the business is prosperous and well appreciated because the hotel managers recently opened one more pied-à-terre in Brussels. The perfect city for a romantic and easy jaunt only 80 minutes from Paris ( with Thalys ). The boutique hotel is located at the corner of the Galerie du Roi Saint-Hubert and the touristy Rue des Bouchers … not very far from the Grand Place, the Manneken Pis and the Place du Grand Sablon. The 23 rooms and suites are bright and propose a contemporary decoration that reminds me the cosy, intimate and colourful atmosphere of the hotel Arvor. It's quite logical since they both have the same interior designer : Camille Flammarion. If you were hungry and thirsty, do not loose time in the rue des Bouchers ( it's a tourist trap ) ... you better test the new hotel's Restaurant and Wine Bar ( Le Comptoir des Galeries ) directed by the chef Julien Burlat. The French guy is pretty well-known in Belgium ! The restaurant L'Ogenblik is also a good alternative ...

Rue des Bouchers 38
1000 Brussels - Belgium
Tel. + 32 2 213 74 70
Starting rates ≈ 160 Euro


Photos © Hotel des Galeries

17 September 2014


We had the chance to attend last Sunday to the final of the Saint-Tropez Polo Gold Cup tournament. It was just the perfect way to conclude an absolutely Fab weekend. Once seated in the lounge terrace, the first surprise is the wide size of the pitch ( 274 x 146 meters or 4 hectares or nearly 6 football soccer field ). The downside of such a huge field is that you may have sometimes difficulties to follow the white ball. The final match opposed the Sezz Team versus the F Polo Team. Each polo team consists of 4 players facing the opponent team during approximately 60 minutes. The full match is divided in time periods called chukkers ( a game normally allows 8 chukkers of 7 minutes each ). Since the games are exhausting for the horses, the players have to change ponies after each chukker. That's why you have numerous horses for a single player. Being a spectator is also exhausting in a way … so we had to sip some champagne and eat some savory appetizers. Definitely a Fab Day !!!

1999 route du Bourrian
83580 Gassin - France
Tel. + 33 4 94 55 22 12

16 September 2014


You may hear many things about Le Club 55 … it's show off … it costs an arm and a leg … you are ringed by many German customers … it's not a Michelin starred restaurant … These weak points are surely true, but they are quickly compensated by the quiet family atmosphere, the stylish clientele, the great legend about the restaurant, the myth of Saint Tropez, a few bottles of wine, the friendly service ( yes they have been very nice ) and the absolutely gorgeous sight. So forget about your hassles at the office and turn off your BlackBerry … from now on it's all about show time, friends, sunlight and pleasure ! Did you know that Le Club 55 was opened in 1955 by the parents of Véronique and Patrice de Colmont during the shooting of the movie " Et Dieu … créa la femme " directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot. At that time the film crew was looking for a place to eat and discovered a wooden hut on the beach. They asked Geneviève and Bertrand de Colmont if they could cook for the all crew during 3 weeks. Geneviève found that funny and immediately said yes. At the end of the shooting the technicians went back home but the actors and the directors came back. In the coming years the little hut grew up reaching sometimes 1,000 customers a day. Then you surely understand that you better book a table few days ahead !

43 Boulevard Patch
83350 Ramatuelle - France
Tel. + 33 4 94 55 55 55
2 persons ≈ 120 Euro

12 September 2014


It might be the perfect spot for those of you who would like to organize their wedding in South of France. The hotel can be totally privatized !

545 Boulevard Georges Selliez
83420 La Croix Valmer